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Re: CVS Update Behaviour

From: Greg A. Woods
Subject: Re: CVS Update Behaviour
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 17:05:01 -0500 (EST)

[ On Sunday, February 24, 2002 at 22:09:31 (-0800), Paul Sander wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: CVS Update Behaviour
> Hmmm...  Let's recap:
> >>      cp $1 $2
> >>      cvs rm -f $1
> >>      cvs add $2
> >>      cvs commit -m "moved $1 to $2" $1 $2
> Where is the *location of the RCS file* recorded in the comment?

You don't need to know the location of the RCS files -- that's internal
to CVS and not for human consumption.  It's of no use in a client-server
invocation in any case.

You don't need to know it because of course the pathnames given in the
parameters $1 and $2 will always have a fixed relationship to each other
and that relationship is sufficient to transform either into the
pathname necessary for use with 'cvs log' or 'cvs update -p', etc. no
matter where the reader starts from (so long as they are within a
working directory for the same module and so long as they know where
they are with relation to the log they're currently reading).  This is
really very trivial pathname stuff -- I don't understand why you even
think it's an issue.

Obviously there's a bit more of a trick necessary than my example
alludes to since 'cvs add' doesn't yet work for relative pathnames!  ;-)

                                                                Greg A. Woods

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