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Re: FW: Symbolic tag information after a 'cvs release'

From: Frederic Brehm
Subject: Re: FW: Symbolic tag information after a 'cvs release'
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 09:03:29 -0400

At 17:03 +1000 4/8/02, Sonam Chauhan wrote:
Sorry - Having never done *software* releases" with CVS myself, I misphrased my query. What I really meant was 'cvs export'. In other words, we do a 'cvs export' of a tagged branch as part of our release process. I wanted to capture the tag name of the cvs-*exported* branch by processing a CVS variable in a file. This does not seem possible.

I think that $Name$ is what you need.

Create a dummy module for testing. Create a file "foo" with the $Name$ string in the module. Use

        cvs tag TEST_TAG foo
        cvs export -r TEST_TAG dummy_module

Look at the exported file. The string should now be $Name: TEST_TAG$

I am not sure if this works with a branch tag. Use a regular tag derived from the branch tag. For example, if you want to export branch "ABCD" today, you could, for example, tag the module with "ABCD_020408"

Fred Brehm, Sarnoff Corporation, address@hidden

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