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problems with the cvs edit command

From: Reagan Penner
Subject: problems with the cvs edit command
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 10:59:18 -0600

Hello, I am new to the cvs edit command so please bear with me. From
what I understand more than one user should be able to tag the same
file for editing.

My problem is that when user X applies cvs edit against a file, all
files within the current directory become locked to cvs edit. Meaning
that if X has file1 tagged for editing then user Y can't tag any files
in file1's directory for editing.

Here is a copy of the cvs command error output:
cvs edit: cannot write /blah/projX/cvs/package_path/CVS/fileattr:
Permission denied

this only happens if someone other than the original issuer of the cvs
edit command tries to apply cvs edit to another file in the same

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