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Re: cvs [commit aborted]: reading 'myfile': File too large

From: Gustavo Delfino
Subject: Re: cvs [commit aborted]: reading 'myfile': File too large
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 11:18:46 -0400

On 4/23/02 at 10:25 AM, address@hidden (gabriel rosenkoetter) wrote:

> Ahem. I read your message but not your subject, so I completely
> misunderstood your problem. My apologies.
> Try doing a cvs -t commit and see if the trace messages help any.

That didn't help. The only additional message was "Sending file
`CBN3106_06.deb' to server".  Any other ideas?

I suspect that the keyword substitution algorithm may be failing for
such a wide file.  Is there a way to turn off keyword substitution?


Gustavo Delfino

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