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RE: Newbie Q: "cannot open CVS/Entries for reading"

From: Albin Takami
Subject: RE: Newbie Q: "cannot open CVS/Entries for reading"
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 11:51:22 -0700

Hi and thanks for the reply.

4. *.v files are written in a hardware description language called Verilog.
Which is used to design integrated circuits like CPU, DSP, Application
specific IC (ASIC) and MCU (Micro controller) for PCs, car, microwave, cell
phones, sprinkler system etc.
The syntax is similar to *.c (ANSI C) files for software.

5.5 Peggy never checked out any files/module because the files she is trying
to check-in/commit are new files (first time check-in).

Hope that clarifies things.


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Albin Takami wrote:

> 4. Checked in/committed a bunch of files with "cvs ci *.v"

        What are *.v files?  (Just curious)

> 5. I setup the .cshrc file for another user, Peggy.

        5.5  When did Peggy do `cvs checkout project/module`?  This is when
the CVS directories get created.  That's all I can think of....


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