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Re: WinCVS & puTTY/plink ???

From: Michael D. Schleif
Subject: Re: WinCVS & puTTY/plink ???
Date: Sun, 04 Aug 2002 16:53:18 -0500

"Michael D. Schleif" wrote:
> Does this list also deal with WinCVS issues?
> WinCVS Beta 8 (Build 1)
> My cvs repository resides on Loki, a debian woody box.  I am able to
> checkout and commit from WinCVS under w2k, using puTTY and its plink.exe
> program to automate ssh connections.
> However, even after the command returns:
>         *****CVS exited normally with code 0*****
> WinCVS hangs.  It took me too long to realize that the plink cli leaves
> open a dos window.  Until I close that window, the last command hangs
> and I cannot continue with any other cvs commands.
> How have others overcome this?
> What do you think?

I tried calling plink.exe from a batch file without success.

In fact, I no longer believe that this is a plink.exe issue.

The dos window's title bar says,
``c:\apps\wincvs\WinCVS.1.3\wincvs.exe'', which is the path to the
wincvs executable.  The window is always created minimized and blank,
without any content, which is why it took me so long to notice it.

Any other ideas?


Best Regards,

mds resource

Dare to fix things before they break . . .

Our capacity for understanding is inversely proportional to how much we
think we know.  The more I know, the more I know I don't know . . .

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