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Re: Hello all, newbie questions re setup

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Hello all, newbie questions re setup
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 17:35:35 -0500 (EST)

Conner, Jim writes:
> So, you see, this is where I am absolutely lost.  I'd like to do the above
> as we have about 5 years of stuff that needs to be checked in.  The most
> difficult part of this (besides just setting it up) is actually checking the
> files in from remote machines.  There is a ton of documentation on how to
> set up a local CVS repository but everything I've read on doing things over
> the server/client model is somewhat sparse or seems incomplete or not very
> well least for my understanding :).  For instance, there are
> some things that you have to do on the server side (I believe) before
> letting anyone check in a new project, right?  I could be wrong.  This is
> the stuff I am having a difficult time figuring out.  It can't be that
> difficult to set something like this up.  Im getting caught up in the
> explanation of things perhaps.  Is there a website with a simple reference
> vs explanations of things?  All I need are steps for now.  I don't generally
> care about explainations until after I've played with the actual steps yet.

There shouldn't be anything you have to do on the server with the
possible exception of setting ownership/permissions on directories to
control access.  Everything else should be doable via CVS, whether local
or remote.  The main reason that client/server is not explained much is
that it is essentially the same as local mode -- you don't have to do
anything different operationally.  If you have existing stuff to put
into the repository, just import it.  Section 3 of the CVS manual
("Starting a project with CVS") does a pretty good job of explaining the

I also suggest you think a bit more about your proposed repository
layout -- one is usually interested in a particular project, not a
particular type of file.  The organization you proposed seems to me to
be akin to organizing a grocery store by manufacturer or color of
container rather than by type of product.  A big advantage of organizing
by project (or department) is that it makes it easier to get the
permissions right since the entire sub-tree usually has the same

-Larry Jones

I suppose if I had two X chromosomes, I'd feel hostile too. -- Calvin

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