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Re[2]: CVS Server problems

From: Leon Mergen
Subject: Re[2]: CVS Server problems
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2002 14:56:56 +0100

Hello Larry,

Friday, November 8, 2002, 5:27:39 PM, you wrote:

LM>> Any things I should try now?
LJ> Try adding the following to your xinetd config for CVS:
LJ>         log_on_success = PID HOST EXIT DURATION
LJ>         log_on_failure = HOST USERID
LJ> Restart xinetd, and try the telnet test again:
LJ>         telnet localhost 2401
LJ>         <enter>
LJ> Post the result of the telnet command and the resulting syslog entries.

Hello Larry,

This is what is in my /var/log/everything/current :

Nov  9 14:45:51 [xinetd] START: cvspserver pid=25400 from=
Nov  9 14:45:51 [xinetd] FAIL: cvspserver address from=
Nov  9 14:45:51 [xinetd] EXIT: cvspserver status=0 pid=25400 duration=0(sec)

Doesn't tell me very much information, but I'm sure it does to you...
Any idea? :P


Leon Mergen

Best regards,
 Leon                            mailto:address@hidden

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