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Re: Cannot delete "release-tag" and "vendor-tag" fromrepository

From: Max Bowsher
Subject: Re: Cannot delete "release-tag" and "vendor-tag" fromrepository
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 16:16:29 +0100

Larry Lords wrote:
> The exact command that I am using is — cvs tag -d release-tag us
> I receive the following output —
> cvs server: Untagging us
> cvs server: Untagging us/bin
>       .
>       .  all directories look the same
> I agree with you that it appears that CVS is not finding the tag on any
> files.
> I can delete any tag except for the "release-tag" and the "vendor-tag".  I
> have tried all files and individual files with no success.
>> I have been able to delete all of the version of the files, but
>> I cannot delete either of the tags.  The "cvs tag -d release-tag"
>> command executes and gives an untagging message for each directory, but
>> when I check the tag is still there.

There is the problem. CVS doesn't seem to like it if you delete a revision
out from under a tag. You will have to use "cvs admin -n release-tag" to
remove the tag.


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