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RE: Dev & Production repositories?

From: Zieg, Mark
Subject: RE: Dev & Production repositories?
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 08:57:46 -0400

> I'd like to be able to checkout the dev module and make changes, then
> test them (which if I understand correctly takes a commit before the
> changes are uploaded to the repository) on the dev server, then if all
> goes well, have the appropriate files committed to the production
> server.  Keep in mind that there would be two repositories each on
> different servers. I've seen the project CVSviaFTP, but don't want
> things to be committed to production until it's been tested in dev and
> explicitly flagged to be committed to production.  I've heard this setup
> is complicated.

Why do you want two repositories?  It works MUCH easier, if at all possible,
to only have one repository (usually on the dev box), and have the
production box do an "update" from the dev box when a verified, tested tag
is available.

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