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RE: Dev & Production repositories?

From: Kevin Old
Subject: RE: Dev & Production repositories?
Date: 14 May 2003 16:31:58 -0400

On Wed, 2003-05-14 at 11:51, Sherzod Ruzmetov wrote:
>  :Ok, so I create the repository on dev.  I checkout the module, make
>  :changes, update the module (commit the module/files???).  Can someone
>  :explain the difference in an "update" and a "commit"?
> ok, here it goes... You checkout the module to your dev. server, make the 
> changes, test it (definitely!), and once you're satisfied, you "commit"
> the changes you made to the repository.
> "commit"ing doesn't mean updating. By comitting you generate new revision
> numbers and make sure that all the changes you have made are avialble for 
> other
> parties who wish to checkout the module in some other place (say in your 
> productin
> server).
> After you "commit" the changes, as discussed above, you go into your
> production server, and type "cvs update" inside the checked out
> project folder. Now, cvs replaces necessary files with their the most recent
> "commited" copies. Like, mirroring.
> If you added folders, I believe you first may want to update with "-D" option.

Ok, I can handle that.  I have another curve to throw you.  My project
is a web based project and it has two directories tmp and sessions that
are always changing.  If I either don't have these directories or have
them but they are empty in my cvs module, will the information on the
production server in those directories be deleted with I do a cvs

Thanks for all your help!
Kevin Old <address@hidden>

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