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Re: Common code across multiple projects

From: thomas . maciejewski
Subject: Re: Common code across multiple projects
Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 08:09:47 -0400

actually I wouldnt use ln -s for CVS
Firstly I would be worried that CVS would get confused
secondly it just doesnt "feel right"

what you are suggesting can be accomplished using the modules file under
and using & modules

where I can have common

ProjectA &common
ProjectB &common

but again this doesnt work for the versioning.

Who is in charge of what goes into CVS?
I think this would be huge if CVS had the ability to branch via modules

I may be willing to work on this.

Please let me know

The other solution is to jar up common ( yes this is java ) and then to
only add the jars into CVS as needed.

I would prefer to have the source however


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                                               Subject:  Re: Common code across 
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On Wed, 2003-05-28 at 01:00, address@hidden wrote:
> I have a related question to this to which I am seeking an answer.
> I have two projects: ProjectA and ProjectB
> both of them use part of a common code base that is in a project called:
> Common
> I would like to set up CVS that I can have a reference to Common shared
> both ProjectA and ProjectB
> something like:
> ProjectA/Common
> ProjectB/Common
> and common being in its own project:
> Common

you can create softlinks to common project in your CVS repository for
ProjectA & ProjectB.

some thing like this.

lets say your CVS is placed in /home/cvs/
in /home/cvs/ you have


now in Project A you can create a symbolic link to point to common

$>cd ProjectA
$ProjectA> ln -s /home/cvs/common common

Similarly for Project B.

> Common code should be able to grow on its own and the current development
> branches and main trunk of ProjectA and ProjectB should see these
> I should be able to go into ProjectA/Common and make a change and commit
> and when I update from ProjectB I should see these changes.

the symbolic link will work for you just the way you want it. any
changes made in ProjectA/common/  or ProjectB/common will reflect in
common & vice-versa. There may be problems if two different persons
modify same file belonging common/zzz.x in Project A & B, and try to
check in. ( every one have to make sure they are locking files using cvs
edit so that only one person has access to the common/ files at a given
time )

 any one else using softlinks in cvs repository ??
 any draw backs in this approach ??
 please correct me if i am wrong.

> However when I create a production branch I want to have have my own copy
> of common.
> That is,  once I do the production branch and then make a production bug
> fix
> to ProjectA/Common I do not want it to show up in Common nor in
> ProjectB/Common

This i am not very sure how to go about it. just a guess.
may be you can tag the Project A & Project B with different branch tags.
using cvs tag -b <tag name> Project A/common

then check out Project A/common in local sand box with tag name.
you should get the branch. fixs made will be in this branch.

may be you can create a temporary CVS repository , have a common,
Project A & B modules in that and try creating a symbolic link for
common in Project A & B. Then try tagging Project A & B with different

> I tried to do this via & modules but I found that even when I branched
> ProjectA common
> was not also branched within there so if updated the branch I would get
> current development
> version of Common and if I check in a production bug fix it would then be
> part of the main production branch
> Does anyone have a solution to this?
> I am sure this is fairly common to most companies that have multiple
> projects but wish to have code re-use
> Tom
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