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Re: cvs export end-of-line translation

From: Maarten de Boer
Subject: Re: cvs export end-of-line translation
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 18:05:45 +0200

Hello Mark,

Thanks for your reply.

> You might use the GNU/Linux 'zip -l' command to do the *NIX end-of-line
> character LF into the MSDOS convention CR LF translation for you... of
> course, this assumes that all of the files are text files and can
> survive this change.

Yes, not in option in our case...

> > I would say that this kind of use of cvs export is nothing out of the
> > ordinary...
> I do not agree as this kind of use violates the principle of least
> astonishment.

Well, but isn't export ment to do this: a special checkout of your
module destined to be given to third parties. those third parties do not
necesarily use the same platform as you, when you do the export... And
using a dos box is no option - the whole process has to be a batch job...

I was thinking along the lines of a cvs export option 
 -e eol  Export non-binary files using ms-dos (crlf) or unix (cr) end-of-lines

The code is already present, I'd say (I didn't look at it, but I suppose
it's ifdeffed). I will at make a patch for internal use anyway, and post
it to this (?) list, in case anyone is interested.

Now that I look at the manpage again, I see that cvs export takes an
option -k kopt. Could this be helpful?

> Hmmm... yes, a 'cvs status' command will show 'Sticky Options:        -kb'
> while other values for 'Sticky Options:' such as '(none)' would indicate
> that the file is not binary.

To do status, you first have to checkout...


PS: This the first time I notice someone using X-Face . Nice :-)

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