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Re: cvs export end-of-line translation

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: cvs export end-of-line translation
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 09:36:20 -0700

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Maarten de Boer <address@hidden> writes:

> > > I would say that this kind of use of cvs export is nothing out of the
> > > ordinary...
> > 
> > I do not agree as this kind of use violates the principle of least
> > astonishment.
> Well, but isn't export ment to do this: a special checkout of your
> module destined to be given to third parties. those third parties do not
> necesarily use the same platform as you, when you do the export... And
> using a dos box is no option - the whole process has to be a batch job...
> I was thinking along the lines of a cvs export option 
>  -e eol  Export non-binary files using ms-dos (crlf) or unix (cr) end-of-lines
> The code is already present, I'd say (I didn't look at it, but I suppose
> it's ifdeffed). I will at make a patch for internal use anyway, and post
> it to this (?) list, in case anyone is interested.

If you come up with a patch, some documentation and some test cases for (or at least a series of cvs commands that may be used to
verify that the new feature works properly which we can turn into
tests), then submit it to address@hidden for consideration for
inclusion in the sources... but no promises that it will
be incorporated...

> Now that I look at the manpage again, I see that cvs export takes an
> option -k kopt. Could this be helpful?

The kopt you are considering will only determine how the RCS keywords
are expanded for your export.

> > Hmmm... yes, a 'cvs status' command will show 'Sticky Options:      -kb'
> > while other values for 'Sticky Options:' such as '(none)' would indicate
> > that the file is not binary.
> To do status, you first have to checkout...


I suppose you could also use something like this:

    cvs -d host:/repository/path rlog module |\
      egrep '^(RCS file|keyword substitution):' |\
      sed -e 's/,v//' -e 's,/repository/path/,,'

and then look for 'keyword substituion: kb' and know that the RCS file
given above is the one that is impacted.

> Maarten
> PS: This the first time I notice someone using X-Face . Nice :-)


        -- Mark
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