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Re: Changing CVS repository name

From: Lars Thuring
Subject: Re: Changing CVS repository name
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 16:17:35 +0100
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address@hidden wrote:

> You do know that NFS is usually a bad idea for a repository right?

No, I did not know this. Some searching seems to indicate this is the general opinion so we will remove the NFS part.

> Typo? Should be:
>    cvs -d /data/cvsrep init

Yes, a typo.

>>4) Copy the passwd file from the previous repository.
> Where did you copy it to? /data/cvsrep/CVSROOT/passwd ?


> You might consider looking at the output of:
>     diff -r /data/cvsrep/CVSROOT /data/cvsroot_old/CVSROOT
> to see if anything else is different.

Good idea but it only turned up the expected differences, e.g. logs for the old repository compared to the new and fresh one. A cvswrapper file had not been copied yet.

We have backupped the old repository now and will install a fresh RH9 and start all over. The main problem we want to solve is how to limit access for different groups to the modules on the save CVS server. E.g. we have the groups "ace", "swe", "sof" and "dev" and these cases:

ace have their own modules
swe have their own modules
sof have their own modules
dev have their own modules

swe and dev shares some modules
ace and dev shares some modules

Our idea was to setup user access rights and the following structure


However, now it doesn't seem to be doable. Or is it?

Thank you for your help.

best regards,

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