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Re: ENC: CVS import

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: ENC: CVS import
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 21:29:48 -0400 (EDT)

Marcelo Carvalho Fernandes writes:
> I was studying some graphs (CVSGraph) and could see that after the "cvs
> import" there is also a tag called "MAIN" in the vendor branch (1.1.1).

Standard CVS does not create that tag.  Either you're using a
non-standard version (such as CVSNT or a locally patched version) or
it's an artifact of CVSGraph.

> After an edit and commit, this tag jumped to the main trunk (1). When I do a
> "cvs checkout" with just the module name (no tag/revision/date) the checkout
> is made under this "branch" MAIN ? This would explain why after the import i
> checkout (and not 1.1) and after editing i checkout 1.2.

It's possible that that is the way CVSGraph displays the default branch.
If you do ``cvs log -Nh'' on a file, you'll see a "branch:" keyword that
indicates the default branch (if blank, the default branch is the
trunk).  When you checkout without specifying a particular revision, you
get the most recent revision on the default branch.  Newly imported
files have the default branch set to the vendor branch, locally modified
files have the default branch set to the trunk.

-Larry Jones

The authorities are trying to silence any view contrary to their own!
-- Calvin

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