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Re: CVS import

From: Jorge Godoy
Subject: Re: CVS import
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 18:07:09 -0300
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On Thursday 15 April 2004 17:42, Diego Ribeiro de Andrade wrote:
> The real question is... how do chekout/update a branch, but bring
> the trunk revisoons of files that dont exist in the branch... but
> these files have to be checked out in 1.1 revisions instead
> revisions... the best way to this really is dont create the vendor
> branch... because in ower scheema of use, we decided to create
> branchs in the main trunk rather then in another branch...

I didn't get what you want.

Could you be more "verbose"? 

As explained before, why are you worrying with the *CVS control 
numbers*? They aren't your application versions or anything else.

With regards to branches, they are branches of other branches or the 
main trunk... it doesn't matter from the tool point of view. Think of 
a tree on the street and think about the trunk and each branch, up to 
the leaves. 

There are trees where the leaves grow in the main trunk and when the 
tree is small they grow directly from the first branches... The same 
happens with your code tree.

Why is the vendor branch bothering you if when you check the code out 
and commit it your code will go to the main trunk and not to such a 

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