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RE: Newbie question: commit

From: Conrad T. Pino
Subject: RE: Newbie question: commit
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 14:24:02 -0700

Hi Luis,

> I'm looking for something like .cvsignore
> ( that
> applies  to commits. Is there a way to define something like .cvscommitignore
> containing a line per file/dir (for example custom_config.php) that gets read
> every time a recursive commit is issued and exclude the files/dir present
> there?

I've been using CVS for a while but my needs a very simple.  Over time I have
read the complete manual and since you might not I pointed at the areas that
looked the most promising to me.  In similar style the last suggestion I can
make is carefully review:
I've never used the "commitinfo" function and only know what's in the manual.

Your idea and the manual look promising together but that's just an opinion
without any experience to back it.

I suggest waiting for the work week to resume to see if others can help you.

If you need a support commitment or want this function developed for you
then please consider Derek R. Price at since they
are in this specific business line.  You'll see Derek on this email list
when his time permits but fortunately that is fairly often.  He's been a
big help to me.

Derek's not the only one by any means.  You can see who's been active
recently at:  Note WWW site
lags the list server by hours which lag TO/CC sends at times.

Your idea is quite specific which lowers the probability of someone else
having a solution already developed.  Evaluate the feedback that will be
forthcoming and decide accordingly.

> Thanks again for your time.

You're welcome again,

> Luis.


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