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RE: Newbie question: commit

From: lluporini
Subject: RE: Newbie question: commit
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 00:33:55 -0300
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I'm really pleased with your help on this.

I'll try to figure out how to handle this in my project (I thought it was a
common situation when dealing with development controled by CVS).

Thanks ones again.


Mensaje citado por "Conrad T. Pino" <address@hidden>:

> Hi Luis,
> > I'm looking for something like .cvsignore
> > ( that
> > applies  to commits. Is there a way to define something like
> .cvscommitignore
> > containing a line per file/dir (for example custom_config.php) that gets
> read
> > every time a recursive commit is issued and exclude the files/dir present
> > there?
> I've been using CVS for a while but my needs a very simple.  Over time I have
> read the complete manual and since you might not I pointed at the areas that
> looked the most promising to me.  In similar style the last suggestion I can
> make is carefully review:
> I've never used the "commitinfo" function and only know what's in the manual.
> Your idea and the manual look promising together but that's just an opinion
> without any experience to back it.
> I suggest waiting for the work week to resume to see if others can help you.
> If you need a support commitment or want this function developed for you
> then please consider Derek R. Price at since they
> are in this specific business line.  You'll see Derek on this email list
> when his time permits but fortunately that is fairly often.  He's been a
> big help to me.
> Derek's not the only one by any means.  You can see who's been active
> recently at:  Note WWW site
> lags the list server by hours which lag TO/CC sends at times.
> Your idea is quite specific which lowers the probability of someone else
> having a solution already developed.  Evaluate the feedback that will be
> forthcoming and decide accordingly.
> > Thanks again for your time.
> You're welcome again,
> > Luis.
> Conrad

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