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Re: CVS complete newbee

From: Rolf Bergius
Subject: Re: CVS complete newbee
Date: 27 May 2004 05:36:45 -0700

thank you for yuor answer.

> > :pserver:address@hidden:local:C:\Programme\GNU\repository
> Is this repository local (i.e., is your own machine?) or
> remote?

My computer is On this computer is the directory:


But I'm working in a domain. Which means our server, that does the
authentification for windows is the

Now I want to go to the server to say: "Hi, it's me" and then back to
my computer to check out the repository.

> If it is local (and you're using cygwin), try:
>   :local:/cygdrive/c/Programme/GNU/repository

Sorry, I'm using WinCvs 1.1. So I don't think I'm using cygwin, or am
I? How can I find out?

> If it is really remote (with pserver), I don't know how this line has to
> be since I don't use pserver. ;-)

Well I tried diffent. I tried rsh. But I need a .rhost-file for that.
I can't create a .rhost-file. Window2000 doesn't let me.

> Best regards,
>    Spiro.

Thank you for answering.

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