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Re: CVS, RCS, System Files

From: Lee Sau Dan
Subject: Re: CVS, RCS, System Files
Date: 11 Dec 2004 18:55:03 +0800
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>>>>> "Pierre" == Pierre Asselin <address@hidden> writes:

    >> I would like to control the source code files for various
    >> projects using CVS, and control the system files, such as files
    >> in the /etc directory, using RCS.

    Pierre> I maintain my system files through RCS all the time.  What
    Pierre> I do is create a directory, populate it with symbolic
    Pierre> links to the system files, and RCS-manage the symbolic
    Pierre> links.

Me too!  :D

I've been  doing that  for many years.   Very useful for  tracking how
upgraded  software  package have  modified  your  config files.   Also
useful for retrieving old versions of config files to see why/how some
changes were made.   I also create a text file  that contains a sorted
list of all installed packages (package names and version numbers), so
that I can know  which packages are installed/removed/upgraded between
any two dates.

    Pierre> RCS knows how to follow symbolic links.

That's why I chose RCS instead of CVS for this problem setting.

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