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Re: Sharing Common Files

From: Sergei Organov
Subject: Re: Sharing Common Files
Date: 02 Feb 2005 16:25:32 +0300
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> The "modules" file has always been versioned, but one has to remember to
> tag it with imporant release tags if one wishes to remember its exact
> state when a given release of any module was tagged; and if one is not
> very careful then one might have to revert changes in it if one wants to
> create an old release that used a different module structure.
> There is only one "modules" file per repository.  It must always
> describe all the modules in the repo, _AND_ also all of the previous
> modules that ever existed in the repo.
> Making non-backwards compatible changes to the modules file is certain
> suicide (w.r.t. recreating old releases) and should never EVER be done.
> Trying to tie changes in module structure into ones releases is just
> plain silly and counter-productive.
> It's better to copy (parts of a) module(s) to new directories and start
> fresh with new module names if one wants to restructure -- but leave all
> the old stuff, names and everything related in the repo, exactly as it
> was so that old releases using the old structure can still be used.

May I ask to include the above into the CVS manual, please? IMHO "The
modules file" topic of the manual cries for addition of such a clean
description. Currently, the topic carefully describes what could be done
using 'modules' file, but entirely lacks any description of what should
better not to be done to the modules file.


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