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RE: cvs without a server

From: Mark Priest
Subject: RE: cvs without a server
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 08:39:55 -0500


I don't think you are going to get too far using cvs for offline access to a
repository.  If you are running an open source project why don't you just
move it to a hosting site like  Sourceforge provides an
Internet-accessible cvs repository for all of your developers free of
charge.  It also provides free bug tracking and mailing lists and makes your
project more widely accessible.  All you have to do is submit a request to
them and in a day or so you will have a powerful resource for your project.


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Subject: cvs without a server

I posted a question the other day and didn't get a response.
I'm hoping that the lack of response was not due to the lack of an answer,
so I'll rephrase the question...

I manage/maintain a small open source project.  Internally I was using
SourceSafe and I distributed the project to folks as a tarball consisting of
the latest version of all the source files.  This made it difficult for
users to keep track of changes. To improve this process, I recently moved
over to CVS for my internal change-control.  Unfortunately I can't provide
access to the repository using a CVS server; but I'm still hoping that there
is a way for CVS to allow users of the project to keep track of changes
between their current tree and a newer tree.

I know I can simply provide a tarball of the entire repository, but then how
does a user figure out what changes have been made since the last time they
downloaded the repository?

Is there any common/recommended way to do this?

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