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cvs without a server

From: Ed Sutter
Subject: cvs without a server
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 08:21:29 -0500
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I posted a question the other day and didn't get a response.
I'm hoping that the lack of response was not due to the
lack of an answer, so I'll rephrase the question...

I manage/maintain a small open source project.  Internally I
was using SourceSafe and I distributed the project to folks as
a tarball consisting of the latest version of all the source
files.  This made it difficult for users to keep track of
changes. To improve this process, I recently moved over to CVS
for my internal change-control.  Unfortunately I can't provide
access to the repository using a CVS server; but I'm still hoping
that there is a way for CVS to allow users of the project to keep
track of changes between their current tree and a newer tree.

I know I can simply provide a tarball of the entire repository, but
then how does a user figure out what changes have been made since the
last time they downloaded the repository?

Is there any common/recommended way to do this?

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