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RE: error removing a directory from my working directory

From: Kerry Tang
Subject: RE: error removing a directory from my working directory
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 15:28:29 -0500

Thanks for your responses.

I am still trying to learn and understand how CVS works.

From reading the CVS manual, it seems like the only way to remove a subdirectory is to remove all the files within it, and then commit the removal to CVS, and then use

cvs release -d dir_name or
cvs update -P dir_name.

This is ok if I have one or even two directories to remove, but what if I have several of these subdirectories (all on the same level) and they each also have subdirectories within them with their own files.

Can I just use the unix command 'rm -r' to remove each of these subdirectories (that are on the same level) from my working directory, and do a cvs update?

Any help would be great! Thanks!

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Subject: Re: error removing a directory from my working directory

Kerry Tang writes:
> Now when I want to get a working copy of the directory I just got rid of:
> cvs checkout dir_name I get the error "cannot find module 'dir_name'
> -ignored"
> what does this mean? How can I do this?

It means that the directory you just got rid of was not a top-level
directory in the repository but a subdirectory.  Assuming you're in a
working directory that maps to the repository directory that's the
parent of the directory you're trying to get (which it will if you
originally did a checkout of the top-level directory and then deleted
one of the subdirectories from your working directory, which I think is
the case here), just use update instead of checkout:

        cvs up -d dir_name

(Note the -d to create new directories.)  Otherwise, you have to give
the full path to the repository directory:

        cvs co module/dir_name

-Larry Jones

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