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CVS Pserver port (Windows NT)

From: GTi
Subject: CVS Pserver port (Windows NT)
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2005 09:57:08 +0200

I have used CVS for several years now.
But on one site where i'm working from they have blocked almost all outgoing 
ports (????)
except 80 and 443.
So after searching google a while I found that I can change the pserver port 
from 2401 to 443 only by setting the envoriment set CVS_PSERVER_PORT=443.
But it did't work.
Then I found that inetinfo also use port 443 even that I don't have any 
secure web site, but I use IIS and port 80.
So is there anyone that can help me out here?
Any tips?

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