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Re: CVS Pserver port (Windows NT)

From: GTi
Subject: Re: CVS Pserver port (Windows NT)
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2005 23:34:13 +0200

"GTi" <address@hidden> skrev i melding 
>I have used CVS for several years now.
> But on one site where i'm working from they have blocked almost all 
> outgoing ports (????)
> except 80 and 443.
> So after searching google a while I found that I can change the pserver 
> port from 2401 to 443 only by setting the envoriment set 
> But it did't work.
> Then I found that inetinfo also use port 443 even that I don't have any 
> secure web site, but I use IIS and port 80.
> So is there anyone that can help me out here?
> Any tips?

Ok - Found the entry in the registry under:

But I had to stop the IIS service.
But I need the IIS service on port 80.
Does anyone know how I can stop IIS using port 443 ????

Best regards.

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