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few cvs questions

From: ankush grover
Subject: few cvs questions
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 15:49:31 +0530

Hey friends,

 I am very new to the world of CVS,recently configured CVS on FC3.The
clients in my company are Windows XP Pro SP2 and we are using tortoise
cvs as client to cvs.

I have created 9 repositories on cvs with pserver as the protocol.I
using setgid on the directory/repository to give access to the
users.You can see the permissions on one repository.

drwxrws---   2 apache dental 4096 Aug  8 10:19 his

I have few questions regarding cvs.

a) What is the best time to create branch.Our is a just started
company and our version is 1.0.Should we create branch now or later on
when we finish the developement for 1.0.

b) If somebody has made some changes to a file and committed that file
.How to undo the changes made in that file.

c) I have created a file passwd in CVSROOT and also created some users
in that file  like


I have commented out the line "SystemAuth= no".This user raju is not a
system user .But the user raju is not able to access the CVS from the
Tortoise CVS

The permissions on the CVS repository are like this

drwxrws---   2 apache dental 4096 Aug  8 10:19 his

the passwd file is created under  his/CVSROOT/

d) How can I restrict my users from creating branches,tags and update
special .All the users who are accessing the repository has the full
access to the respository.I just want to give few users also the
permissions to update and commit their files but not to create
branches or tags

e) How do I get notified when any user commits or update the
files.What type of notifications are there with cvs.I know there is  a
file notify in CVSROOT but how to do I enable the feature like mailing
whenever any user commits /checkout files.

f) I have configure viewcvs and from the browser and I can view all
the repositories.But when I try to fetch the list of modules through
the Tortoise cvs it says " Configure viewcvs or cvsweb  or put the
modules names under CVSROOT/modules".

The viewcvs is configure but I don't know how to make Tortoise cvs
recognize the viewcvs or how to put the entries of modules under
CVSROOT/modules file.

I did put some entries like below in CVSROOT/modules file

key   wapt 
key    test

But when I tried to view the list through Tortoise cvs it showed me
the first line that is "key wapt" and then gave the error.

Please don't mind if any of the question is not related to cvs or it
is a very simple questions  ,but I am don't know the answers to these

My intention is not to waste anybody's time.I am new to the cvs and I
want to learn cvs.

Please guide me.

Thanks & Regards

Ankush Grover

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