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RE: CVS Merge, No Conflict

From: Abhishek_Sharma04
Subject: RE: CVS Merge, No Conflict
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 12:34:17 +1000

Hi Stuart,

Some more queries on your answers:
1. How does creation of non-branch tags help. Isn't it same as merging
upon a version. Basically what I want to know is how is this different
from what we currently do say:
- cvs upd -j cr_abc

2. Our project requirements are such that multiple developers work in
parallel and to ensure no interference I need to provide multiple
branches. Another complexity of the project is that there are frequent
releases due to which by the time a development started on say 1.87 will
finish the trunk would already be at say 1.90. So for testing purposes
we first create another branch based on last baseline (1.90 in this
case), merge changes of development branch on this branch (which I refer
to as string) and test the changes in isolation. After that everything
is integrated and merged on trunk. The idea behind doing so is that the
trunk is not touched till the individual changes are thoroughly tested.
Due to this we end up having 2 branches for each development work.

Your suggestions on the same.

Abhishek Sharma
Infosys Australia
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-----Original Message-----
From: Stuart Cooper [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: Friday, September 02, 2005 12:15 PM
To: Abhishek_Sharma04
Cc: address@hidden
Subject: Re: CVS Merge, No Conflict

> I would have agreed with you had the merging been from the same branch
> to the trunk. But in this case the merging is from different branches.
> Can you please suggest what command you would have used in that
> condition?

There's an unwritten law to always create a non-branch tag before you
create your branch tags. Let's say you'd done this and had tags on your
trunk called pre1_87 and pre1_90.

Then to merge your 1.87 branch changes into the trunk, you'd say

A) cvs upd -j pre1_87 -j cr_abc

Now to merge your 1.90 branch changes into the trunk, you'd say

B) cvs upd -j pre1_90 -j cr_abc_str

Not sure what you mean by a "string branch", I've never heard this
terminology before.

By the sounds of it you might have merged some stuff from the cr_abc
to the cr_abc_str branch anyhow- so when you then try to merge that
onto the trunk you might get the double merge conflict problem. You
just want the changes in cr_abc branch *after* it was folded into
cr_abc_str branch.

This very quickly gets complicated, as you're experiencing, which is
why as a general
rule keep the number of branches to a minimum.


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