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CVS and Windows...

From: jsWalter
Subject: CVS and Windows...
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 16:32:42 -0500 (CDT)
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For those who care...

The URL below has a series of documents that outline a method that allows
Apache, Perl, PHP, mySQL, CVS and SSH living on a Windows (NT, 2k
Pro|Srvr, XP Home|Pro, Srvr 2k3) box *without* anything being in the
WINDOWS directory or the registry.

Yep. It breaks all the rules. It makes Window geeks hair stand on end. And
more important, it works.

After the initial install, backup takes as long as it takes for you to
burn a CD, and restoration takes as long as to have files copied off a CD
and enter ENV VARs back on your system.

Can't get any cleaner than that!

If you've found it helpful, let me know.

If you think of a way to improve this, let me know.


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