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Query on CVS watch on/off

From: Barathi Sukumar
Subject: Query on CVS watch on/off
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 14:52:37 +0530



       I checked out my repository as two different users into two working copies.


As user1:


I made the watch on


Ø       cvs watch on a.txt


As user2, I updated my working copy and tried to modify the file(a.txt). The file was made read-only. (However I can give “cvs edit a.txt” and modify my file)



Now as user1, I made cvs watch off


Ø       cvs watch off a.txt



Once the watch is set off, file(a.txt) in user2’s working copy should be writeable(Without issuing “cvs edit”)


As user2, I should be able to modify my file(a.txt). I updated my working copy, but still a.txt is read-only in the working copy.


Is this a desired behaviour?? Can anybody help me on this..?


Thanks in Advance!!






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