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Re: How do I import some specific files?

From: Mark E. Hamilton
Subject: Re: How do I import some specific files?
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2006 08:49:23 -0600
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address@hidden wrote:
Hi All -

It seemed to me that with import, you just import all the files that
under a certain directory to a certain directory in your CVSROOT

That is, for example, I am under directory foo that has a couple of
files a, b, c, ...etc
$cd foo
  a  b  c
$cvs import -m "imported source" foo foo start

This will import all files (a, b, c) to a subdirectory foo in CVSROOT.

What if I just want to import file a to the repository? All the
exmaples about "import" I have seem only apply to the whole current
directory, instead of some files that we specify. Is there a command
$cvs import      /path/to/files/I/want

What I intended to do was import .vimrc file to a certain place in
CVSROOT. The file .vimrc lies in my home directory. If I use the above
command, it's gonna import everthing in my home directory....

Any help would be appreciated.

If you want to add a file to an existing directory in the repository you should use 'cvs add'/'cvs commit'. Check out the directory where you want to add the file, copy it there from your home directory, then add and commit it.

If for some odd reason you want to add the file at the root of the repository you can use something similar to what Mark B. suggested the other day for adding a top-level directory (thanks, Mark.)

cvs checkout -d top -l .
cd top
cp ~/.vimrc .
cvs add .vimirc
cvs commit -m 'Some message' .vimrc

Mark E. Hamilton
Orion International Technologies, Inc.
Sandia National Laboratory, NM.

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