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Could not map memory to RCS archive

From: Laurent Duperval
Subject: Could not map memory to RCS archive
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 14:55:37 -0500
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We recently started seeing this problem on our machines:

Could not map memory to RCS archive:  Cannot allocate memory

We are seeing this message with one of our larger binary files (~18MB).

The client is a CVS NT client (2.0.51d) and the server is cvs 1.2.12.
The same file also exists in a different repository, on the same server.
Using the same client, I can get this file without a hitch.

So the problem seems to be related to a specific file in a specific

My question is this: is this problem a server-side problem or a client
side problem? How can I fix it, especially if it is a client-side issue.
What causes it? I have 512 MB of memory and it is not all used, I have
around 25MB free and no swap space is being used.

Can anyone help?


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