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RE: cvs 1.11.23 executable available for Windows?

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: cvs 1.11.23 executable available for Windows?
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2008 07:38:06 +1000


> 1) Are there any "official" Windows 
> builds of cvs 1.11.23, (built using 
>   MSVC, and not with cygwin), 
> and if so, where?

Whether using the client or the server I believe most windows users of CVS use 
CVSNT.  It is open source just like CVS and generally has better support for 
windows and many additional features and is compatible with CVS servers and CVS 
repositories and the binary downloads are easy to obtain from the web site in 
either a ZIP or an MSI.  Every release build compiles cleanly on 
Windows/HPUX/Solaris/RedHat/SuSE/Mac. Note: there is a separate newsgroup for 

If you must use CVS 1.11 then you are probably best off continuing to build it 


Arthur Barrett

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