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Re: Deleting or Renaming a Branch

From: Jake Colman
Subject: Re: Deleting or Renaming a Branch
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 17:43:44 -0500
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>>>>> "AB" == Arthur Barrett <address@hidden> writes:

   >> I cut a branch from HEAD but did it several weeks too early.  For
   >> a variety of reasons, I don't want to merge the HEAD into this
   >> branch and would rather start again from scratch.  Is it possible
   >> to delete a branch and make as if it never existed?  Barring that,
   >> is it possible to rename a branch so that I can create a new
   >> branch but reuse the name?

   AB> Don't you just want to move the old branch to the new HEAD?

   AB> cvs tag -F -b MY_NEW_BRANCH


Actually, I just want to pretend as if I never cut the branch in the
first place.  We do project-specific development in discrete branches
and we merge those branches to HEAD when the branch is QA-certified.
Several projects have been merged to HEAD since this branch (PROJECTX)
was created.  What I'd like to do is totally blow away PROJECTX as if it
never existed.  Then I would like to cut a new PROJECTX from HEAD so
that the project will be based on the latest code from HEAD.

What might not be clear is that HEAD represents the entirety of our
system.  "Projects" are new features or changes that are added as the
system is incrementally improved.  PROJECTX is a change that I'd like to
have built upon the latest code base possible.  Since HEAD changed in
the last few weeks, and since no one has yet done anything with
PROJECTX, I'd like to recreate PROJECTX again.

So, how do I make as if PROJECTX never existed so that I can then
reissue the commands to create it?

Am I making any sense?

Also, what did you mean by "move the old branch to the new HEAD"?  Why I
would want to so that?


Jake Colman
Director of Software Development
Principia Partners LLC
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