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RE: Problem updating from a different repository

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Problem updating from a different repository
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 05:53:05 +1100


> I'm a CVS newbie and having problems working with 
> two different repositories on the same working copy. 

This is extremely complex to set up - your local repository needs to be
a write through cache.

I'm not sure how you'd do this with CVS, but these posts explain how to
do it with CVSNT:

Repository replication is almost never needed - CVS is designed to work
without it even over very slow networks or while a developer is offline
for long periods of time.

> After having read the docs and the archives to this list, 
> I still don't understand how I could update my working 
> copy from the main repository (REP1). Whenever I try this, 
> I get a "cannot open directory" error. 

You need to send the newsgroup the actual commands you are using and the
actual (compelte) error message including the 'connection string' (also
called the CVSROOT) that looks like:
 * :pserver:address@hidden:/repo
 * :local:host:/var/opt/blah
 * etc


Arthur Barrett

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