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Re: commiting a sticky file

From: sparkylee
Subject: Re: commiting a sticky file
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 12:17:46 -0700 (PDT)
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CORRECTION. i make a super simple repository to check out your
and don't know 1st time, but this time it worked. i created the
branch, updated,
edited and committed with no problem.

i think my problem in the original for-real repository, is that i'm
trying to commit a sticky revision,
not a sticky branch.  over there i never did an update -r
<branchname>; i just
checked out what i thought was a branch, but was just a tag i guess.


i'm not even sure anymore what i did.
i'm lost.
here's the cvs status -v output for the real file that i'm trying to
commit (to the branch):
File: RCP.iap_xml       Status: Locally Modified

   Working revision:
   Repository revision: /home/cvs/repository/rcp/tools/
   Commit Identifier:   veSNKconrX7O6oSt
   Sticky Tag:          RCP_5_0_2 (revision:
   Sticky Date:         (none)
   Sticky Options:      (none)

   Existing Tags:
        RCP_5_0_2                       (revision:
        RCP_5_0_1                       (revision:
        RCP_6_0_CVN                     (revision: 1.9)
        RCP_5_0                         (revision: 1.6)
        RCP_4_9_2                       (revision: 1.5)
        RCP_4_9_1                       (revision: 1.4)
        RCP_4_9_0                       (revision: 1.4)

yeah, under Existing Tags:   there isn't a branch.

so how about if i check out the RCP_5_0_2 tag,
$ cvs tag -r RCP_5_0_2 -b RCP_5_0_2

and then
$cvs up -r RCP_5_0_2

then edit and commit files from there?


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