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[ 100049 ] conveniece libraries under darwin?

From: nobody
Subject: [ 100049 ] conveniece libraries under darwin?
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 23:01:24 -0400

Support Request #100049, was updated on 2001-May-30 05:53
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Category: None
Status: Open
Priority: 3
Summary: conveniece libraries under darwin?

By: gary
Date: 2001-Sep-11 03:01

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Both of these patches cause the cdemo tests to FAILin their
respective branches, so I cannot apply them.


By: chrisp
Date: 2001-Sep-09 21:21

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I've posted cleaned-up versions of the patch for HEAD and 
branch-1-4 in the patch tracker, item #31 and #32. 
Explanations are attached to #31. Errr.. were attached.. 
were lost by the site... Okay, I'll try to recall what I 

The problem is that convenience libraries are added to both 
$convenience and $deplibs. That causes the library to be 
listed twice on the final link command line. That's a 
problem on platforms with pedantic linkers like Darwin, 
which complain about duplicate symbols as a result. Note 
that at the core this actually affects all platforms, not 
just Darwin. (There may be some that rely on the current 
errenous behaviour, though. whole_archive_flag_spec=' ' 

Hope this helps,

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