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Santa brings you a bright future

From: mail
Subject: Santa brings you a bright future
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 19:27:37 +0530

Santa brings your business
the best present of all...  a bright future

The success of your business depends on how you deal with the current situations and adapt to changes, as they occur around you. Changing times wait for no one. To survive and thrive in the modern market, your business needs that extra edge. One that the latest technology provides, by keeping you in step with the future.

Using the internet as an additional business resource, is this very step forward. With the Essen Cyber Outlet software, a ready to use e-business solution, you can create your own online store in less than an hour.*

Avail of this special Yuletide discount offer. Purchase the licensed software right away and see the difference. At just pennies a day for a year only, the software pays for itself. You pay no more. Just selling less than one extra burger, icecream, or an item of similar value every day, will recover your cost within a year. Even as you earn much more, with each passing day.

The time is ripe. Grab the present now. For it will shape your future.
As Santa is always right! Merry Christmas!!

*Domain registration & valid internet merchant account needed.


For more information on Essen  Cyber Outlet, visit our website at      
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