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confusion with host,build,target

From: stefan
Subject: confusion with host,build,target
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 21:58:51 +0100 (CET)

Hello list,

  I recently setup a cross compiler from linux->mingw32.  Using --host,
--build and --target I am able to reproduce software successfully.  But
with a little bit of confusion about the above parameters.

  Reading `info Autoconf' tells me:
  --host   : the system the package will run (here: mingw32)
  --build  : the system the package is build (here: linux)
  --target : the system the package is meant to produce code for (here:

  Thus libtool should set the program compiling the `impgen' program when
creating the import library to a `--build' gcc and should not default to
the `--host' gcc which it in fact does.  This fails of course, because
this gcc produces code for mingw32 here and cannot be executed! 
  I fixed this behaviour setting HOST_CC=gcc which then overrides the
setting inside libtool.  I got confused because I had to set HOST_CC and
not BUILD_CC.  Am I misunderstanding something?  Any help or just a
clarification is very appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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