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linking static library against dynamic library (Cygwin & libtool)

From: Laurent Marzullo
Subject: linking static library against dynamic library (Cygwin & libtool)
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 10:01:02 +0100


I've got a static library (--disable-shared) named and a dynamic library (--enable-shared --disable-static) named and the shared library uses function of the static library. I'm working on cygwin platform. Here the link command
of those two libraries:

/bin/bash /cygdrive/d/Workspace/CDK-plug-in/dev/postgreSQL/libtool
        --mode=link gcc
                -o target/lib/
                -rpath /oned/lib

*** Warning: This system can not link to static lib archive /cygdrive/d/Workspace/CDK/dev/cdk-db/target/lib/
*** I have the capability to make that library automatically link in when
*** you link to this library.  But I can only do this if you have a
*** shared version of the library, which you do not appear to have.
rm -fr  target/lib/.libs/libcdk-db-pg.dll.a
gcc -shared target/.libs/postgreSQL.o -L/cygdrive/d/Workspace/CDK/dev/cdk-main/target/lib/.libs -L/cygdrive/d/Workspace/CDK/dev/cdk-log/target/lib/.libs -L/cygdrive/d/Workspace/CDK/dev/cdk-lib/target/lib/.libs -L/cygdrive/d/Workspace/CDK/dev/cdk-lib/target/lib -L/cygdrive/d/Workspace/CDK/dev/cdk-log/target/lib -L/cygdrive/d/Workspace/CDK/dev/cdk-main/target/lib -L/usr/lib -L/cygdrive/d/Workspace/CDK/dev/cdk-db/target/lib -lpq -o target/lib/.libs/cygcdk-db-pg-0.dll -Wl,--image-base=0x10000000 -Wl,--out-implib,target/lib/.libs/libcdk-db-pg.dll.a
Creating library file: target/lib/.libs/libcdk-db-pg.dll.a
target/.libs/postgreSQL.o(.text+0x12f): In function `postgreSQL_connect':

and then a lot of unresolved symbol (which are in /cygdrive/d/Workspace/CDK/dev/cdk-db/target/lib/

Does it possible to link them or not (on cygwin platform) ?
if yes how to do it ?

Thank you very much
Laurent Marzullo

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