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Re: GNU Libtool 1.5.8 released.

From: Peter O'Gorman
Subject: Re: GNU Libtool 1.5.8 released.
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 01:12:55 +0900
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Bob Friesenhahn wrote:

On Thu, 12 Aug 2004, Tim Mooney wrote:

Why just Linux?  Isn't this essentially the same issue that the multi-ABI
commercial UNIXes have?

Seems like it to me. For example, Solaris puts 64-bit libraries in a 'sparcv9' subdirectory. The 'sparcv7' directory is used for libraries built for older SPARC processor types. Libraries optimized for 32-bit Ultrasparc are put in the traditional location.

Well, the difference, in my little mind at least, is that the commercial unixes can all be identified in libtool using $host, but linux will have the same $host regardless of being debian, redhat, suse, etc... So the need here, specifically is to identify the directories used by various linux distributions, so that adding something which satisfies RedHat (in this case), does not break debian.

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