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Libtool and lsbcc

From: Camp, TracyX E
Subject: Libtool and lsbcc
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 09:41:23 -0800

I'm working on cleaning up various aspects of the LSB compiler tools,
which are in fact wrappers around gcc.  We've had a couple of bug
reports describing various ways that lsbcc and libtool interact badly.
Lsbcc basically exists to assist developers in building things such that
only LSB libraries are linked shared and all other libraries are linked
statically.  Lsbcc does this by examining the command line and
re-writing portions of it as necissary to ensure various -lfoo args are
either linked shared or statically.

I'm not really a libtool expert, so I thought I would ask some experts
for their comments on this bug report:

The hypothesis is that libtool doesn't recognize 'lsbc++' as 'g++' and
so does the wrong things.  Is this true?  If not can you shed any light
on the actual problem?


Tracy Camp

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