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RE: Libtool and lsbcc

From: Camp, TracyX E
Subject: RE: Libtool and lsbcc
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 14:00:33 -0800

Thank you for your response.  I'm not sure if this is a goose chase or
not... See below.  

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>From: Ralf Wildenhues [mailto:address@hidden 
>Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2006 11:06 AM
>To: Camp, TracyX E
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>Subject: Re: Libtool and lsbcc

> The hypothesis is that libtool doesn't recognize 'lsbc++' as 
>'g++' and
>> so does the wrong things.  Is this true?  If not can you 
>shed any light
>> on the actual problem?
>Please show the output of a configure script of a package that uses
>Libtool (you can take the Libtool package itself if you like) when
>configured to use lsbcc and lsbc++.  Please then also show the 
>output of
>  ./libtool --tag=CXX --config

See attached.  Note, not all libtool packages have these problems, which
is why I'm seeking some expert help here...  The libtool logs seem to
indicate that lsbcc is being recognized as gcc.  (we have assumed AFAIK
that libtool would not need to change just because CXX=lsbc++, except
this bug report at least appears to contradict that).

>I guess we need to port Libtool to lsb*.  How can I reproduce this

I'm the third person to look at this bug report and late to the game...
It was reported against the scribus package.  I'll try and confirm that
is a reproducable case. (of course) it doesn't seem to reproduce for me.
It is possibly something we changed in lsbcc 'fixed' this.  None the
less, you are far more likely to know if anything might need to change
in libtool to fully work with lsbcc than I am.

>Is there maybe a Debian package or some tarball to install,
>and if yes, which (so we don't have to play the Q&A game so much for
>a full port)?

I'm not sure if there is an official debian port of the lsb development
environment.  However you should be able to grab the current rpm package
and alienfy it with success.  Packages found here:

The caveate here is that the lsbcc included with that package is
undergoing significant revision for LSB 3.2.  We are attempting to keep
the semantics the same, but fixup a few of the areas where it is hard to
work with.  It might be better to install this package and then drop-in
a development version of lsbcc so we are looking at the same things (and
the development version is easier to debug since it has some more
facilities for tracking how it changes the command line).


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