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Re: Any documentation for "--tag" ?

From: Phil Endecott
Subject: Re: Any documentation for "--tag" ?
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 23:18:18 +0100

Thanks for your replies.

Bob Friesenhahn wrote:
For quite a few years now, Automake has provided the --tag= option automatically. The --tag option tells libtool which language tool (C, C++, Fortran) is currently in use so the correct options are used. Otherwise it would have to guess based on the name of the tool and guessing is hard. Is Apache using Automake?

If you mean "does my module use automake?", the answer is no; I call libtool directly from my own Makefile. I'm not sure what Apache does itself. Is the libtool command-line syntax considered an internal interface between automake and libtool, or should I expect to be able to use it independently?

Peter O'Gorman wrote:
So, my main question is, is there any documentation for "--tag"?

I think it is documented in 1.5.23b, and will be documented for sure in

OK.  The current online docs are for 1.5.22.  I'll be patient.

Does anyone have any thoughts about whether Apache could have done something in their setup of libtool so that it would "just work"? (Bear in mind that they don't use any C++ themselves in the server, though it can be used for modules.)



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