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Re: dlopening installable ltdl modules failing (OS X problem only)

From: David Fang
Subject: Re: dlopening installable ltdl modules failing (OS X problem only)
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 17:37:32 -0400 (EDT)

> > It is entirely possible that you've found a bug, Mac OS X should work
> > the same as linux in this regard. Does the module itself have any
> > dependencies that possibly are not being found (check with otool -L
> > If that is not the case, please send more info (if you
> > like you can send me the project offline and I'll look into it).
> Yes, the does have a dependent library, also built.  (otool -L
> ../../libs/.libs/ confirms that the dependent library is
> being referenced in the final installed location via absolute path, where
> it does not yet exist.)  In fact, if I make another test module *without*
> any additional LIBADD dependencies in the same place as, the
> executable is able to lt_dlopen it without errors. So the lt_dlerror
> message from before is misleading; it's probably finding the first library
> fine, just not its dependency, and reporting an error on the first
> library.

        Reduced test case project posted at: [450k]

Project is self-contained and autotoolized.

tar xjvf ... ; cd ...
configure && make && make check (&& make distcheck)

Should pass on Linux, FreeBSD, currently fails on Darwin.

I didn't get around to adding installcheck-local tests yet, maybe later...

Hope this is enough to resolve the issue some more.


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