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RE: Using libltdl with the Microsoft compiler

From: Duft Markus
Subject: RE: Using libltdl with the Microsoft compiler
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 09:02:59 +0200

> Historically (i.e. prior to libtool 2.x), I've found that those shell
> environments have not been up to the task of building my project with
> the Microsoft compiler. So I've maintained a Visual C++ project file
> build for that compiler. I've just recently started using libltdl in
> project, though; and I'd like to build it using the same facilities as
> the rest of the software.

Hmm... doesn't sound too easy :) at our company we use MS compilers
through a compiler frontend that mimics GCC/LD, so we can use the same
build system as on all the other platforms (i.e. libtool, autotools,
etc...) - see below.

> Really, I'd be happy to jettison the Visual C++ project file build and
> build the software with the autotools on Windows. But libtool 1.5
> certainly didn't play nicely with the Microsoft compiler; and while I
> haven't tried 2.2, the traffic I've seen on this list suggests that
> patches to improve that situation haven't made it in yet.

Try using parity [1] as frontend fort he microsoft compiler. The
distfile also includes patches for various libtool versions to make is
play nice with parity/ms compiler/ms linker etc. there are some wikis on
how to get started at [2] and [3]. You will want to use MS Interix
(SFU/SUA) as environment. Depending on your windows version you will
have to install SFU 3.5 (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003),
SUA 5.2 (Windows Server 2003 R2) or SUA 6.0 (Windows Vista, Windows
Server 2008)

Hope that helps :)


Cheers, Markus

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