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Migrating from 1.5.x to 2.2.x

From: Jason Curl
Subject: Migrating from 1.5.x to 2.2.x
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 22:19:57 +0100
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I got some help with my previous question about library filenames but no real answer, so I'm looking into what kind of effort it is to move over to libtool 2.2.6a.

Ignoring that my macro obviously won't work with 2.2.x, I'm using Cygwin and I've come across my first problem. The old libtool is removed (1.5.27a) and the new is installed (at least I think the old is removed).

I deleted my aclocal.m4 file and I autoreconf. I do see that the new libtool is being picked up by autotools as when configure I get errors where I'd expect and it knows not to check for C++ or Fortran anymore. "" generates the file "libtool" and thats where things start to get stuck.

I've removed /usr/share/libtool and reinstalled, but libtool --version always shows 1.5.27a.

What am I doing wrong?


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