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Re: problem with libtool under windows and cygwin

From: Charles Wilson
Subject: Re: problem with libtool under windows and cygwin
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 2009 08:38:00 -0400
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Andreas Otto wrote:

>   as special restriction I use the build-tools from cygwin
>   but it is no cygwin library at all because I use the
>   build-in mingw compiler
>       gcc -mno-cygwin

This is *not* a "built-in mingw compiler.  It's a hack that sometimes
works, but always causes problems.  It is deprecated and will be removed
from cygwin's gcc-4 releases.  It will be replaced by a true cross
compiler (cygwin-host, mingw-target).

>   and the library is a real windows libraray ...
>   question: howto avoid the cyg prefix ?

Tell configure (and therefore, libtool) that your eventual $host will be

configure --build=cygwin --host=mingw CC="gcc -mno-cygwin"

(The CC= part may be required for now, until cygwin begins distributing
a "real" cross-compiler.  OR, you could instead invoke the *mingw*
project's CC from a cygwin environment. See the mingw-users mailing
list; there was a discussion about that topic just this week.)

While all of the above may solve your problem for *nix and mingw, what
if you want to build an actual cygwin version?  I think you really need
 platform-dependent code.  My Java's a little rusty, but

MyLoadLibrary(String module_basename)
  if System.platform() == "cygwin" {
    String MODULE_PREFIX = "cyg"
  } else {
    String MODULE_PREFIX = "lib"
  System.loadLibrary(MODULE_PREFIX + module_basename)

Naturally, you can make this a lot cleaner with additional abstraction
(a portability class, where MODULE_PREFIX is a final member so the
System.platform() test only happens once). You could do fancy things in
MyLoadLibrary so that module_basename can have the "lib" prefix and it
just gets stripped off and replaced with MODULE_PREFIX only when
necessary -- this way the rest of your code can "pretend" that it always
uses "libfoo".  etc. etc.


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