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Re: new release?

From: Sam James
Subject: Re: new release?
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2022 03:01:21 +0000

On Sun, 6 Feb 2022 12:21:34 -0600 (CST)
Bob Friesenhahn <> wrote:

> On Sun, 6 Feb 2022, Daniel Herring wrote:
> >
> > In my opinion, frequent slow releases are way better than rare fast
> > releases.  
> That may be true for some software, but libtool has a really good
> test suite so if tests pass, there is high confidence of quality for
> the systems it has been executed on.  It is abnoxiously painful to
> build libtool starting from git sources so hardly anyone is testing
> the unreleased code.
> Pushing out a release assures that the mechanics are working and that 
> it is even possible to create a release.
> Users are much more apt to report bugs and patches against software 
> that they can easily use.


Especially given that distros are obviously going to be careful with
testing libtool, even more so given they (we!) know development is
resuming after a long haitus, and we're checking which of our patches
are still relevant, etc. It's not like it'll be bumped downstream
without anybody doing due diligence :)


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